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What Makes The Wellest Products Different?

At The Wellest we have always strived to have the best product on the market. This comprises not just the quality of our final product but also in the growing, cultivating, harvesting, processing and manufacture of all our products as well. We want to ensure our consumers have a safe, reliable and guaranteed product that they will find nowhere else. Not all hemp extract products are the same and we can prove it.

Why Are We Different?

Here are just some of the prime examples of what makes The Wellest brand the best hemp extract on the market and why we have a Premium Grade product:

– Manufactured in cGMP facilities with USDA certifications
– USDA certified organic farms
– We use the flowers and the leaves
– Super critical CO2 extractions
– We remove the THC without solvents
– Proprietary purification process
– We include other cannabinoids
– Ingredient Selection
– Efficacious amounts of CBD

USDA certified organic farms

cGMP Facilities

We take great pride in bringing you the best products on the market. One of the steps in that is ensuring that all our facilities form our farms to our manufacturing facilities are cGMP compliant. What does that mean?

cGMP is the acronym given by the FDA for facilities that comply with their Current Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. This ensures that not only the final product but all the steps in between meet strict guidelines for identity, strength, quality, and purity of our products. You can read more about it on the FDAs website.

USDA Certified Organic Farms

All our farms and facilities are registered USDA certified organic. These are some of the highest ratings in the industry and we take great pride in maintaining that certification. This ensures that none of our products will become contaminated or will come in contact with any prohibited substances.

Flowers and Leaves

Research has concluded that there are no cannabinoids found in the stems, seeds or stalk of hemp plants. All of the vital cannabinoids and terpenes produced come from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. We do not use or process any of the non-beneficial parts of the cannabis plant in our products. Some companies will use these parts as filler. At The Wellest we do not. This is why we can label ourselves a Premium Grade product.

CO2 Extraction and Solvent Free

CO2 extraction is the premier process for extracting the cannabinoids from the hemp plant. It is widely used throughout the industry. With our USDA Organic and cGMP certifications, we can take this process to the next level to assure you are receiving the best product available. The best benefit of the CO2 extraction is that the cannabinoids can safely be removed without using any solvents which would negate the USDA certification.

Inclusion of Other Cannabinoids

Many manufacturers use other extraction methods to not only extract the CBD from the hemp plant but also to remove the THC as well. During this process, many other minor cannabinoids are removed as well. Recent research has found that these minor cannabinoids are not only beneficial on their own but also assist in the Entourage Effect. The Wellest ensures that all beneficial minor and major cannabinoids stay intact in our final products including CBC, CBN and CBG. We have a minor cannabinoid profile approaching 5% which is unique in this industry and sets the bar far above the competition.

Ingredient Selection

We are extremely proud of our selection of ingredients. These ingredients were hand-picked to make our products stand out above the rest. When we decided on our final products we wanted to make sure that we were bringing not only the best but the safest products to our consumers. We developed a product that we use ourselves daily. All our ingredients are listed on the whole foods list and we are looking at all the ingredients in our products to ensure that they stay sourced with the proper suppliers. If a product can be sourced organic, it will be. The only products we do not source organically are ones that just simply cannot be at this time.

Efficacious Amounts of CBD

You may have heard the term “From A to Zinc”. What this means is a product has trace amounts of everything in it. While this sounds great it is not always beneficial for what you need in a product. For a product to do its job, you need to get enough of the product in your system or on your body to produce results. The Wellest ensures that all our products have the strength and potency needed to produce the results you are looking for.

Take for example our salve. Our 1oz salve contains 500mg of CBD per container. You can go look at other nationally recognized salves and they contain as little as 25-50mg of CBD per 1oz. This is not enough to produce results.

This, however, works in reverse as well. While you can not “take to much” CBD, there is a limit to which your body needs to see results. Once you go beyond that, the price point becomes prohibitive and you are simply wasting your money on the excess CBD in a product. Sure, some people need extra amounts of CBD in a product to see results. Everyone is different and your mileage may vary.

The Wellest has taken the guesswork out of how much CBD to take for you. All our topicals have set amounts of CBD in them which have been tested to show results in most people who use our products. We offer a wide range of strengths for internal products however, as no two people are alike here. If you have any questions at all about which products to choose or which strengths, do not hesitate to get ahold of us.