Why Partner With The Wellest?

Ultra-premium, broad spectrum hemp oil products offer benefits that have taken the wellness industry by storm. Almost anyone, regardless of age, can feel a difference from our products.
CBD products represent one of the fastest growing segments in the health and nutrition industry. New records are being set every month.
We know where to look to find people who can benefit from our products, and we’ll teach you how to reach them. We succeed by helping you succeed. It’s a win-win partnership.
The partnership is completely free. You’ll pay nothing to become an affiliate.
The Wellest offers one of the highest payouts in the industry: 20%. This means you’ll earn a 20% commission on every product purchased by the people you refer to The Wellest.
Our cookies last for 60 days. If someone you refer visits our website, their computer receives a tracking cookie. If they purchase anything from The Wellest website in the next 60 days, you will earn a 20% commission.
Have you ever seen ads for a specific product after viewing that product on a website? This is called retargeting. After people visit, we’ll purchase advertising on the websites they visit. If they click on an ad and make a purchase, you will be paid a 20% commission.
We have experts who specialize in improving the conversion rates of customers who visit Our goal is to have the highest percentage of the people you send to buy our products.
We payout our commissions twice a month.
We will give you a selection of high-converting banner ads to use. When people click on one of your banners and make a purchase, you earn 20%.
We offer discounts to your followers to increase your clicks and purchases.

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