Who Are We? We Are A Family Owned & Operated CBD Business

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Who are we? We are a family owned & operated cbd business

We may be a family owned & operated CBD business, but first & foremost, we are a family! As a family, we understand the different dynamics, struggles, challenges, adventures and everything else in between that is this journey of life.

Chuck and Dana have been married for 20 years & have three boys. Being active with family, but we also appreciate any down time we may find.

This down time is found somewhere squeezed between WVU swim meets, high school football, lacrosse, wrestling & roller derby. (Shout out to The Black Rose Rollers out of Hanover, PA!)

Maintaining our family life and running our family owned & operated CBD business, we understand how precious down time is and how important it is to be fully present in those moments. In order to do that, in order to enjoy life, we know that you have to feel good! It is our hope that our products will help you achieve whatever wellness goals you have.

Family CBD Business: How and Why?

Who are we? We are more than a family owned & operated cbd business. How we started

Something we are frequently asked is how or why we chose to create The Wellest. Simply put, we truly believe in the beneficial properties of CBD and we saw a need within the industry. We saw a need for clear, easy to understand, HONEST information coupled with safe and effective CBD products. We knew that we could help to fill this need.

As this field continues to grow and more research is conducted, we too are continuously expanding our knowledge through our own research, partnerships, and product development.

Who are we? Family owned & operated cbd business. It is our mission to provide & deliver the highest quality CBD available. We stand by the purity and efficacy of our products, impeccable customer service, and we are committed to operating our business in a way that is both environmentally & socially responsible. We do all of this so that you don't just live well, you live the "WELLEST"!