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What Does Taking CBD Oil Feel Like?

What Does CBD Feel Like?

CBD oil is a hemp derivative product that has produced quite a response from the general public since the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, more commonly referred to as The Farm Bill Act of 2018.

how does cbd oil make you feel

IS CBD Legal?

The Farm Bill Act descheduled some cannabis products from the Controlled Substances Act for the first time in early 2019. Included in the list is Industrial Hemp, the strain of Cannabis that CBD is made from, so long as the THC level in CBD does not exceed .3% THC. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychoactive ingredient present in marijuana which is known to create the psychoactive effects many know as a “high.”

what does cbd oil feel like

I Feel Great!!

Many folks claim to have seen improvements in their mood and other behavioral improvements that presumably have enhanced their way of life while taking supplements. A simple Google Search on CBD oil will result in thousands of people stating that CBD oil has helped improve their health and wellness. However, trying to explore a product that has just been opened to studies and scientific research can seem daunting. There are many claims that CBD oil merchants make about their product, but few describe what it feels like to use the product. After all, nearly anything you ingest is about the experience of having it in your system, rather than the taste it leaves on your tongue.

what does cbd make you feel like

CBD Does Not Interrupt Your Daily Life

Just because CBD is the partner chemical of THC in marijuana, does not mean it leaves you feeling anything like you would when you’re high. In fact, the intoxicating agents present in marijuana are solely confined to the THC element of the product. Since CBD is an isolated chemical that has no THC chemical present, you won’t get that uncomfortably high or relaxed feeling that you do when you smoke marijuana. In general, CBD users actually report enhanced performance on a day-to-day basis when on a CBD oil regimen. CBD has some supported reviews that claim you may feel the effects in the form of improved attention span and feelings of alertness. CBD also may improve the ability to focus and energize you at the same time. For this reason, some people opt for using CBD products or CBD tinctures to avoid using pharmaceutical options for their attention issues and other problems that might interrupt the fluidity of their day-to-day lives.

what does it feel like to take cbd oil

Tap Into a Well-Rested You

Many regular CBD oil users report sleeping better after getting the product built up in their system through consistent use. If you have trouble sleeping on a regular basis, you are aware of how much that can negatively affect your daily activity. Your mind and your body both rely heavily on being able to get a good amount of rest the night before so that they can function properly the next day. If that’s missing from your routine, you likely don’t feel very good very often. In fact, if you don’t get enough sleep you’re twice as likely to overeat. In addition, you may have diminished fine motor skills which can result in mistakes both on the road and off the road, not to mention, you’re generally less efficient at the work you’re doing every day. CBD may help you sleep more peacefully naturally, rather than with sleeping pills that have a huge amount of side effects. Specifically, when taking CBD, folks have reported not feeling drowsy when waking in the morning and falling asleep much quicker during the night. Some CBD brands have formulated CBD softgels with Melatonin to promote a good night’s sleep. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep wake cycle.

what cbd feels like

It Never Hurts To Try

Words are not the equivalent to experience. If we were to describe what it’s like to rest your eyes upon the blue waters of Florida, we could hardly do it justice. The same goes for CBD oil. The best way to find out how it makes you feel is to try it. You can try a daily supplement in softgel form, tinctures or topically.  You might consider trying it for a month and finding out exactly what it’s like to enjoy the effects of CBD oil.  The Wellest offers a variety of CBD products that can be tailored to potentially help with pain or as a sleep aid. At the present time CBD is not FDA approved to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease. Before you start your new regiment, we encourage you to consult your physician about starting CBD oil supplements. Contact us today.

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The Best Way to Take CBD: Your Complete Guide

The Best Way to Use CBD: Your Complete Guide

When it comes to food, the thought process has always been so long as you ingest the food is all that matters.  In particular, this has been the thought process with fruits and vegetables, but we’re finding that some foods provide more nutrients when eaten raw and others provide more when we cook them a certain way.

The same concept applies to cannabidiol (CBD).

The way you take CBD depends on what you want to accomplish and a variety of other factors, including your personal health and wellness goals.

Keep reading to find out the best way to take CBD for your desires and needs to get the most out of the product.

how much cbd oil should i take

Understanding CBD

If you’ve landed on this page and you’re a newbie to CBD, we recommend reading this beginner’s guide to get you caught up.

Here are the Basics: CBD is one of over a hundred cannabinoids in Cannabis Sativa L., otherwise known as the hemp plant.

Although CBD is only FDA approved for use in one drug, Epidiolex, there is growing research and anecdotal reports that are showing promise that CBD may be helpful for overall health and wellness.

Our bodies have a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is responsible for bringing the human body into homeostasis or balance.  The Hemp plant is rich in Phytocannabinoids and it is believed that the phytocannabinoids from Hemp CBD work to assist the human bodies ECS to reach a state of homeostasis, hence resulting in a more efficient body.

The ECS is connected to many other systems in our bodies, including the nervous and digestive systems. So, if our ECS is off-balance, a holistic approach may say that this leads to other systems possibly being off-balance as well.

This may explain why CBD, although not FDA approved, may be helpful for overall health and wellness. The human body and the ECS also receive support from other endocannabinoid-enhancing foods like chia seeds, walnuts, and chocolate.

CBD, however, may provide more concentrated amounts cannabinoids to help promote and support our bodies health and wellness.

how much cbd to take

Considerations When Choosing the Best Way to Take CBD

We mentioned a “holistic” approach to health. This means considering all parts of the equation when looking at a health issue.

That’s one of the beautiful things about the rise of CBD use — it relies on personalization and customization.

One method of taking CBD may not be effective for some and it may be great for others. One person may only need a small amount, while someone else may require three times as much to be effective.

This is because we all have unique bodies, diets, and lifestyles.

Therefore, when deciding the best way to take CBD, consider the following:

  • Dietary restrictions (i.e. vegan, gluten-free, or kosher)
  • The location and severity of the area of concern
  • The serving it may take to achieve a beneficial result.
  • Personal preferences, such as being discreet or not

Additionally, you’ll want to take into consideration what will help you take CBD regularly to make it as easy as possible to stick to a daily regimen. CBD is not something that you can take one time and expect permanent results.

Daily use is recommended because of CBD’s bioavailability, or the amount of CBD that actually gets absorbed into your system. It is believed with repeated use, over time, more CBD builds up in your system, allowing it to work more efficiently.

As always, before starting any new dietary regime or if you are currently taking any medication, consult your doctor before trying CBD for yourself.

The Best Way to Take CBD: Which Is It?

It’s sort of a trick question — the best way depends entirely upon your unique situation. Here are several common ways to take CBD, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each method.

best way to take cbd oil tincture

CBD Tincture

CBD oil is one of the most common and efficient ways to get your daily serving.

The bottle comes with a dropper, which you can then use to put drops under your tongue and hold for 90 seconds before swallowing. This is referred to as a sublingual administration, which, for many substances, is the fastest and most effective way of absorption.

Additionally, CBD oil tends to have a long shelf-life, meaning it won’t go bad before you can use it all. The bottles are small and easy to carry and store.

Some people aren’t keen on the plant’s natural taste of CBD oil so If you think you may be thrown off by the taste but still want to try this method, we offer orange and mint-flavored tinctures to make the experience a little more enjoyable.

We also have a simple CBD tincture guide for reference and additional tips.

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Other Ways to Ingest

If you want to skip the tincture completely, other options are edibles including softgels.

Softgels look more like a typical supplement. Softgels from a reputable supplier generally have nano emulsion technology and are highly absorbable.  This means you receive the full CBD serving every time it is taken. This is one of the reasons why softgels tend to be extremely popular. Some CBD softgels are blended with other natural ingredients such as melatonin to help you sleep, or with curcumin to reduce inflammation.

best way to take cbd topicals

CBD Topicals

A topical is something you put on your skin. It may be a lotion, salve, or a face mask.

It works by absorbing into the various layers of your skin, potentially providing fast results to your skin, joints, and muscles.

The benefit of taking CBD topically is that it can be combined with other botanical extracts, like camphor, rosemary, and essential oils, which may provide additional results.

There’s been research showing CBD may support joint and muscle mobility, so the topical method may work for you depending on your needs.

Topicals are also very popular especially for those who are just beginning to use CBD as they are not ingested and also provide the flexibility to apply as needed.

cbd how to take

Find Your Version of Better Than Well

Overall, choosing the best way to take CBD depends on your personal health and wellness goals.

Regardless of your preferred method for using CBD, you’ll want to get 100% THC-free, high-quality, and lab-tested CBD products.

Shop our CBD products online. We carry all of the products discussed here (and more!)

Once you’ve landed on a product, consult our suggested serving guide to help you figure out what’s best for you.

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What is CBD? A Beginners Guide to Cannabidiol

What Do You Want To Know About CBD CBD 101

What is CBD? A Beginners Guide to Cannabidiol

Fortunately, CBD oil and its related products have evolved in the health and wellness space beyond the status of a fad. Most long-time critics have been silenced thanks to the sheer volume of valid evidence resulting from thorough clinical trials.

Now that CBD has been legalized in most states, CBD has gone from sporadically being available to being available almost anywhere. Coffee houses offer CBD mochas. Spas provide facials using CBD oil. Beauty supply companies compete to release the most innovative lotions with CBD. There is even a market for CBD cakes and brownies that are vegan!

Additionally, millions of people who are wanting to live a lifestyle free of pain and discomfort are eager to get their hands on CBD Tinctures to help supplement their wellbeing.

In 2018, the sale of CBD products surpassed $512 million dollars in the United States alone. Countries such as Canada, Spain, and Uruguay have followed suit in legalizing CBD for cultivation, manufacturing, and sales, with other countries not far behind.

Even though CBD products are sold in many locations, there is still some confusion surrounding it. Many people are unclear about what CBD does, the right way to use it, and whether the product in question is legitimate.

To clear up any misconceptions, we have created this guide to edify those who may still have questions and concerns.

What is CBD?

The term “CBD” stands for cannabidiol which is a chemical compound found in all varieties of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant. CBD is a substance that occurs naturally and is one of over one-hundred different cannabinoids used in products like edibles, topicals, and oils.

Countless people claim CBD helps them relax and maintain a state of calm and focus.

Advocates and patients turn to CBD because this cannabinoid is not intoxicating, compared to THC, meaning it does not impair the mind, get people high or leave them feeling altered or sedated. CBD and THC are the two most recognized cannabinoids in the cannabis plant varieties.

Mammals have specific receptors in the brain (CB1 and CB2) that are part of what is referred to our endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is designed to interact with cannabinoids to help restore the body to a state of homeostasis. Thus, CB1 and CB2 are the receptors responsible for assimilating the cannabinoid molecules into our system. Because mammals have this endocannabinoid system, there is an equal market for CBD that is dog and cat-specific as well.

It is worth mentioning that anyone who takes CBD for the first time should consult with The Wellest CBD specialist and a licensed medical professional. This is because one never knows how their body will react to any new dietary supplement. There is a very small percentage (the low single digits) of people who say they have experienced varying reactions with CBD, in many instances, these are commonly the same individuals who have adverse reactions to Tylenol or Advil.

It is also highly recommended to purchase CBD from a reputable company that uses a third-party laboratory to test their products and ensure they are safe for consumption, THC-FREE, free of pesticides and heavy metals, and accurate in label descriptions before the products are sold.

This is important for two reasons:

  1. Third-party testing allows for greater quality assurance.
  2. Per the recent Farm Bill passed in 2018, in order to be federally legal, all CBD must contain less than .3% THC. At The Wellest, we can assure that all of our products not only meet that requirement but exceed it. Our products have a 0% THC guarantee because we intentionally removed all the THC. Thus, those who use The Wellest CBD oil can rest assured that because of our 0% THC guarantee, they can have the health benefits that they want, without any psychoactive side effects that they don’t.

What to look for in a CBD Lab Report?

  • Cannabinoid Content
    • We offer broad-spectrum CBD products that contain a wide range of cannabinoids present, without Delta-9 THC.

  • Terpenes Results/Profile
    • Terpenes are a classification of unstable hydrocarbon compounds. They are produced in the flower clusters cannabis plants. Terpenes are the compound that gives cannabis its distinct aroma.
  • Residual Solvents Screening
    • Chemical solvents are required in many extraction methods used to create hemp extracts.  This screening reports if after extraction there are any remains of residual solvents.
  • Heavy Metals
    • This screening proves that a product is free of heavy metal contamination.
  • Microbial Testing
    • This testing proves that a product is microbial free from e-coli, mold, yeast, and salmonella.
  • Pesticide Screening
    • This screening proves that a product is pesticide-free.

It is vital that someone new to CBD understands the distinction between CBD, hemp, and marijuana. In many cases, the three are mixed into the same conversation when speaking about the topic of CBD.

There are two primary categories of the Cannabis sativa plant. The first is hemp and the second is cannabis, otherwise referred to as marijuana. Both categories of the plant contain CBD. However, there tends to be a higher percentage of CBD in hemp when compared to a majority of cannabis strains. Hemp also has a THC level that is significantly lower than that of marijuana. From a genetic standpoint, CBD is the same regardless if it comes from cannabis or hemp. However, for a plant to be considered legal hemp for sale, it must meet the legal requirement of having less than .3% THC to fall under the category of hemp. If it exceeds the limit of .3% THC, it can be considered cannabis, which is subject to more stringent rules and regulations.

In addition, as it pertains to hemp and CBD oil, it is important to note that they are not the same. The nuances may be small but by technicality, when people refer to hemp oil, they are specifically referring to the oil that’s extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp oil does not contain any cannabinoids. By itself, it does not contain CBD or THC, making it a comparable product to that of extra virgin olive oil or grapeseed oil. Because of this, hemp oil is commonly used in beauty products due to its moisturizing properties.

Those who are seeking to supplement a healthy lifestyle, either by maintaining healthy oxidant levels or a normal inflammatory response tend to seek out products containing CBD oil vs products that are just labeled as hemp oil.

How CBD Is Used

Once the compound of CBD is removed from the cannabis and/or hemp plant, it is typically infused and sold as a form of concentrated oilsoftgel, or cream.

Those interested in getting in on the popularity of CBD, infuse it in other goods to create a variation of consumer experiences through vaporizers, beauty creams, candy, shampoo and more.

Others who are focused on the health and well-being of their audiences put their resources toward manufacturing tincturessalvestopicals, gummies, and even energy drinks that offer a more tailored and unique experience.

Many who purchase CBD oil and related products do so to help supplement common physical or psychological abilities like being able to get a good night’s sleep or maintain a pain-free state of being. So be wary of any individual or organization that advertises CBD products with over-exaggerated or unrealistic claims including ones that say CBD can cure cancer or other serious diseases.  There is no research that supports those types of medical claims.

The FDA has issued several warnings to businesses who have stated such claims and are likely to continue to do so as the popularity for CBD continues increasing.

The Health Benefits of CBD

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is an endogenous system that our bodies possess.  The ECS contains cannabinoid receptors that respond to phytocannabinoids. A phytocannabinoid, produced by the cannabis plant, is a naturally occurring compound. Holistic relief for a broad scope of symptoms and ailments are possible when the cannabinoid receptors in the ECS physically interact with phytocannabinoids initiating cell changes.

Although there is a need for medical studies to research the effects of CBD on a specific diagnosis, there are still innumerable testimonials from individuals who state CBD has helped them.  Many individuals claim that CBD has helped them to maintain a normal pain-free life and avoid the types of deficiencies that can lead to situations commonly related to inflammation, pain, and stress. But CBD to date has not been proven to cure any condition, ailment or disease to the satisfaction of the FDA.

Doctors today are inundated daily with patients who ask about CBD, and even though CBD has been consumed by people for thousands of years, the research and clinical trials are only just beginning. It is only in the last 50 years or so that modern medicine has enlightened the general public about the biological processes that occur in the body after using CBD. Over the last 10 years, heavily funded research in the field has grown exponentially.

How CBD Can Supplement Your Everyday Life

In 2018, President Trump signed The Farm Bill that made it legal to grow hemp in the United States. The bill now allows for the commercial growing and production of hemp and hemp-related products if they are compliant with the laws in their state, and federal regulations.

Regardless of state laws, it is always best to be more mindful if you are traveling with any CBD products. One of the most common questions we are asked is whether CBD can be taken on flights.  The TSA has recently stated that domestic travel is permitted so long as the CBD contains less than the .3% THC level mandated by the Farm Bill Act. Additionally, they are not actively searching for these products. However, taking a tincture on a plane, for example, could be problematic because there are limits established by the Transportation Safety Administration regarding how much liquid can be brought onto an airplane. As a result, it is always a good idea to plan ahead and many consumers of CBD travel with the Lab Reports of their CBD to support the product contains less than .3% THC. Furthermore, there is no reliable “in the field” test to determine levels of THC and this may result in authorities being overly cautious and seizing any suspected CBD products.

Another benefit to CBD is that it is unlikely to show up on a drug test screening for marijuana if it contains zero THC.  If you are purchasing your CBD products from a company that has its inventory tested by a reputable third-party lab, we recommend the CBD should contain less than .3% THC. Athletes, first responders, CDL drivers, and construction workers are often required to take drug tests prior to participating in an event or as a condition of their employment. In many instances, some are also subjected to random drug screening tests.

In a situation of using an unverified product, it is possible to test positive for trace amounts of a banned substance like THC if the CBD purchased is not exhaustively tested.

The Potential Health Benefits of CBD

Now that cannabis is becoming legal across the U.S., the industry will be reaping the rewards of additional research. This will come in the form of additional funding being granted to gain greater insight into the possible benefits of the cannabis plant and CBD.

According to the federal database that tracks accredited clinical trials around the world, estimates there are approximately 150 trials in progress that are researching CBD in an effort to better understand how this cannabinoid interacts with the human body. As always, consult with your physician if you would like more information.

To date, the research has been promising. Some of the research indicates that people have been able to manage pain and continue to do normal physical activities like hiking, aerobics, yoga and more.

For those in the medical community who are interested in CBD and its capacity, there is great interest in further researching the effects of CBD as they relate to the maintenance of normal inflammatory levels.


For thousands of years, people have used CBD as a traditional method of maintaining a normal and healthy lifestyle through the supplemental support it has to offer. However, only recently has the medical community begun to study it in depth.

The legalization of cannabis in recent years has companies, entrepreneurs and private citizens exploring the application of CBD in everything from candy to skincare products.

Though much of the evidence around CBD appears to be irrefutable, there is still a shrinking societal stigma associated with its use.

People new to CBD are encouraged to discuss CBD oil with one of our specialists at The Wellest if they are considering it for the first time.

The market for commercial cannabis is mostly unregulated right now. As such, if not properly informed, there is no way to fully know that what you intended to buy is what you are receiving.

The best way to ensure you are getting a high-quality product is to purchase your CBD products from a company that has their inventory tested by an independent 3rd party laboratory.

At The Wellest, we provide a diverse selection of Zero THC, organically grown products in addition to vegan options as well.

Our entire inventory of CBD products goes through an exhaustive series of tests that are conducted by a third-party lab to make sure our CBD is safe and of the best quality.

Our multi-point testing process is designed to make sure our USA grown products:

  • Have 0% THC
  • Do not contain pesticides
  • Are all pharmaceutical grade
  • Do not contain metals
  • Are broad spectrum
  • Are gluten-free
  • Allow the fastest absorption possible for maximum bioavailability
  • Are non-GMO
  • Are supported by third-party lab reports

We are proud to say our customer testimonials tell stories of how our products are used to maintain overall health and wellness while providing them with a great supplement to their diets.

To learn more, visit our site or take a look at our CBD store to see our extensive line of premium organic CBD products.

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CBD vs Hemp Extract vs Hemp Seed Oil: Know What You Buy

What Do You Want To Know About CBD CBD 101

CBD vs Hemp Extract vs Hemp Seed Oil…  Know what you are buying Or More Importantly, What you are NOT Buying!

As the FDA continues to provide guidance in the fast-growing, and ever-changing CBD landscape post the legalization of Industrial Hemp per the Farm Bill Act of 2018, many consumers are rightfully confused about what they are purchasing when they begin to explore the benefits of CBD as a health and Wellness option.

hemp extract

First Let’s discuss what CBD is.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is one of over 113 cannabinoids produced by the cannabis Sativa plant.  The Cannabis sativa plant has two common varieties, Marijuana, and Hemp. The Hemp plant is commonly used in the manufacture of CBD products as it has significantly lower levels of THC, making it the easier species of Cannabis sativa to bring below the Farm Bill Act requirement of .3% THC to be sold legally in the United States.  CBD interacts directly with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) already present in our bodies and, CBD helps the ECS to maintain a healthy internal balance and assists with regulating a number of critical bodily functions. Recent scientific research has indicated that CBD may provide numerous health benefits.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis Sativa Plant.  The Cannabis Sativa plant has two species, Marijuana and Hemp.  Although marijuana and hemp are two different plants, they are very similar, and both have medicinal value.  Additionally, the two plants look alike and smell alike, however, the main difference is the levels of THC in each plant.  Marijuana has high levels of THC, however, Hemp, although it also contains THC, it is at significantly lower levels. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychoactive ingredient commonly present in marijuana in high levels.  THC is also the ingredient that is known to create the psychoactive effects many know as a “high” or “stoned.”

what is hemp

For this reason, CBD oil is most commonly derived from the Hemp plant.  Since The Farm bill Act of 2018 requires that CBD oil contains less than .3% THC level in order for it to be legal and since Hemp has inherently lower levels of THC to begin with, it is easier to reduce the Hemp plant to .3% versus using marijuana.  Therefore CBD oil from Hemp provides many of the benefits of Marijuana without any of the negative psychoactive side effects of marijuana. In the case of The Wellest, we take the process one step further and remove all the THC which results in a premium ZERO THC Broad Spectrum CBD oil.

How Can CBD Benefit Me?

Premium, High-Quality CBD products are being sought to achieve greater health and overall well-being. It is believed because of how they interact with the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBD may be helpful in providing a much-needed relief from any number of ailments that can keep us from looking, functioning and feeling our best, including:

  1. Promoting Tranquility
  2. Supporting a good night’s sleep
  3. Supporting muscle and joint function
  4. Supporting Focus
  5. Promoting healthy skin
  6. Support internal balance
  7. Supporting a relaxed mood

hemp oil vs cbd oil

Different Types of CBD?

There are 3 types of CBD available in the market today:

  1. Broad Spectrum CBD is all the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids contained in the Hemp plant except for THC.  THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychoactive ingredient predominantly found in the marijuana plant that is responsible for the feeling of being “high,” which users experience.  This means the consumer of Broad Spectrum CBD manufactured from the Hemp plant will have all the benefits of CBD including the Terpenes and Flavonoids without any of the Negative psychoactive negative side effects of THC including “high”.
  2. Full Spectrum CBD is very similar to Broad Spectrum CBD except it DOES contain THC.  The amount of THC in this type of CBD can be as much as .3% and still be legally sold in all 50 states.
  3. Isolate CBD is a pure crystalline powder that contains 99% pure CBD.  Isolate CBD contains none of the beneficial terpenes and flavonoids that are found in both Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum.

Many CBD users for any number of personal reasons, including religious beliefs, work commitments, family responsibilities, operating a car, or sports do not wish to consume THC.  This is why many experts in the CBD business and in the medical community strongly believe that Broad Spectrum CBD is the best choice of CBD available in the marketplace for improved health and wellness.

what is hemp oil

What Is Hemp Extract?

Hemp Extract is all the components of the Hemp plant.  In recent months, many CBD companies have changed their labels from CBD to Hemp Extract. In some cases, the Hemp Extract may contain THC, and in other cases, it may be a zero THC product.  However, for the consumer, it is important to know what exactly is the percentage breakdown of CBD to Hemp Extract in the Tincture, Softgel, or Topical you are purchasing.

In many instances, the percentage of actual CBD in Hemp Extract is very low, and for this reason, the retailer has chosen to intentionally label their product Hemp Extract rather than label it CBD.  You are likely asking yourself why is this the case?

The main reason retailers choose to label their product Hemp Extract is for the following two reasons:

  1. The amount of CBD in the Hemp Extract bottle is extremely low.
  2. They are able to list a higher milligram count for Hemp Extract than for CBD.

For example, let’s take two tincture bottles, a broad spectrum CBD tincture bottle sold by The Welelst labeled 1000mg Premium CBD and compare that to a bottle labeled 1000mg Hemp Extract from a different supplier.

The Wellest 900mg Premium CBD:

  • The Wellest 1000mg Premium CBD Tincture contains 1000mg of CBD and 100mg of Hemp Extract which includes Terpenes and Flavonoids.
  • Competitors 1000mg Hemp Extract:  Many of these bottles sold and labeled as 1000mg of Hemp Extract only contain 500-600mg of CBD and the rest is Hemp Extract.

The Wellest Premium CBD Tinctures


So you ask yourself why do they label it Hemp Extract and not CBD? The answer is if they were to label their product CBD, they would have to list the actual amount of CBD in the tincture. In most cases they do not want to disclose the amount of CBD and keeping a high milligram count on the bottle enables them to sell their product at a higher price point.  Furthermore, this labeling is intentionally designed to make the user believe they are receiving 1000mg of CBD when in fact they may likely only be receiving 500mg of CBD and the other 500mg is “Hemp Extract.”

The easiest way to find the amount of CBD in any bottle labeled Hemp Extract is to check the Certificates of Quality Assurance and the Third Party Lab results.  These tests should indicate the amount of CBD in the oil that is in the product, not just the amount of Hemp Extract.

What Is Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp seed oil is nothing more than the oil squeezed from the seeds of the Hemp Plant. The beneficial compounds of the Hemp plant are found in the flowers, stalks, and stems of the plant, not the seeds.  This is virtually identical to how olive oil or grapeseed oil is produced. Hemp seed oil has little to no CBD or other beneficial Terpenes and offers little to no medicinal benefit to the user. In fact, Hemp seed oil has been sold for decades at grocery stores and gourmet food stores for cooking.

is hemp oil the same as cbd oil

Are Retailers of Hemp Seed Oil Intentionally Misleading Consumers?

You may be asking yourself, I see Hemp Seed oil advertised on Amazon with green leaves that look like Hemp or Marijuana on their labels; Isn’t that the same as Broad Spectrum CBD or Hemp Extract?  The answer is no, they are not the same! And the reason why is very clear; Amazon does not permit the sale of CBD or Hemp Extract on their platform at this time. What is commonly taking place is there are companies selling Hemp Seed Oil intentionally trying to mislead the consumer into thinking they are purchasing CBD or Hemp Extract.

It is important to know what you are buying, and just as important to know what you are not buying.  Furthermore, you will notice that premium sellers of Broad Spectrum CBD, like The Wellest, are not selling their products on Amazon.  This is not because they would not like to sell on Amazon, it is because they are not permitted by Amazon to sell CBD on their platform.

The Wellest Premium CBD Salve


Let’s Recap CBD and Your Buyer Checklist

If you are looking to use CBD for improved health or wellness, be sure to purchase your product from a reputable supplier of CBD products like The Wellest.

A reputable supplier will offer the consumer the following:

  • Transparency:  Know where the CBD you are purchasing is manufactured.  At The Wellest, we source our product from the largest fully integrated supplier of premium Broad Spectrum CBD in Colorados.  They grow Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp (PCR) Hemp with an industry-leading high ratio of 90% CBD to Hemp Extract in the nutrient Rich Soils of Colorado.
  • 3rd Party Lab Testing:  It is crucial that you purchase your product from a  CBD retailer who 3rd party lab tests each and every product.  At The Wellest, every batch we purchase from Folium Biosciences is sent out for 3rd party lab testing to ensure the correct CBD content and that our product contains no THC, pesticides, metals, fillers, or any other unwanted chemicals.
  • CBD Concentration:  When shopping for CBD or Hemp Extract, be sure to check the label to see how much or how little CBD you are actually receiving.
There are many CBD companies out there offering different products with different labeling so be sure to buy your products from a trusted reputable source.  At The Wellest, we are happy to assist you so please call us and one of our knowledgeable CBD specialists will help you in finding the right product for your health and wellness goals.